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I met the creator of this a month ago and he said he got a lot of hate mail from dudebros who thought that he was a woman complaining about these problems.


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Photography Justin Borbely at The Book Agency
Hair Stylist and Colourist Lok Lau at CLMusing Bumble & bumble 
Stylist Mark McMahon 
Make Up Emma Broom using MAC Cosmetics

Models Glen, Joshua and  James P at FM, Kazunori, Caleb, Gabriel and Kyle at D1.


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Genius Duke project calls out the offensive phrases we say every day

The normalization of homophobic and misogynistic language, especially among young people, is nothing new. But while there may be a growing awareness of the problem, there haven’t been many organized initiatives dedicated to eradicate these types of problematic expressions — until now. Enter Duke University’s campaign “You Don’t Say,” which is an effort to remind students that language is powerful, and that word choice has consequences. 

The Duke project uses photos to show how casual slurs like “no homo,” “tranny,” “that’s so gay” and “you’re such a pussy” target women and the LGBT community. In the series, Blue Devils students explain why they have adjusted their language. 

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